The KCP Limited, the parent company of KCP Vietnam Industries Limited in Vietnam, was established in India since 1941. The KCP Limited is well-known in production of sugar and cement and in hospitality business and in manufacture of high quality machinery for heavy industry in the field of sugar, cement, heavy engineering, mineral processing, power and space sectors. Since 1990, the KCP Limited has contributed actively to the development of the sugar industry in Vietnam by supplying machinery and equipment for turnkey as well as expansion projects.

In the year of 1997, to join the program  of “One million tons of sugar” of Vietnam, The KCP Limited established KCP Vietnam Industries Limited to invest in one sugar refinery with a capacity of 2,500 TCD in Hue province. Due to shortage of sugar cane raw material, this refinery was shifted to Son Hoa district, Phu Yen province in the year 2000.

KCP Vietnam industries limited

The head office and main plant of KCP Vietnam industries Limited (KCP) are located at 24/3 street, Cung son town, son Hoa district, Phu Yen province and officially put into operation in June 2001 with an initial capacity of 2,500 tons of sugarcane per day and expanded successfully to a capacity of 10,000 tons of sugarcane per day along with biomass power plant with a capacity of 30MW to produce renewable energy connected to the national grid. The total legal capital invested is 103 million USD.

In order to diversify products and meet the increasing demands of customers, KCP invested to upgrade the capacity of the second sugar factory in La Hai town, Dong Xuan district, Phu Yen province to 1,000 tons of sugarcane per day in the year 2009.

With stable and high quality products, KCP has become the traditional sugar supplier of popular domestic and multinational groups in the field of beverage and food sectors. Especially, KCP’s refined sugar superior is registered with the highest quality parameter among sugar products in Vietnam, meeting the technical requirements and being certified by domestic and international laboratories.

With the aim to improve production efficiency for the mutual benefit of sugarcane growers and company, KCP’s activities have contributed on promoting socio-economic development in 41 communes of 5 deep and remote mountainous districts of Phu Yen province. It is the main income source for around 10,000 farming households over 20,000 ha of sugar cane area and more than 700 employees, indirectly benefiting thousands of households in agricultural and transport services.

KCP Vietnam Industries Limited is evaluated among top group of Vietnam Sugar industry in terms of production and quality, of prestige and effectiveness in production and business activities, of strict implementation of laws and regulations of the Vietnam government, of applying favorable policies for farming community and agriculture development, social & charity activities as well as rural development.  

KCP has been improving and developing technology in production to increase quality of products and service to customers. Thanks to high quality of products and international quality management system FSSC 22000, Halal certificate and The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) and Code of Conduct, high quality refined sugar of KCP has been preferred by popular customers in the processing industry. 

Since its establishment, KCP had decisions by time to time to stabilize the living standards of employees and integrated business culture with social culture by establishing Trade Union, Party Cell, HCM Youth Union and Ex-solder association. KCP has been implementing its social responsibility through concrete policies such as increasing contribution rate to social and charity and rural development to 5% of annual profit; establishing Dr. V.L Dutt – KCP welfare fund (DKF) with 15.5% legal capital of the company for the welfare of the employees and social activities in Son Hoa district.          

Contribution and donation in developing rural areas of KCP have been acknowledged by many merit certificates and emulation flags from Center and province and especially with labour Medal of the 3rd level and Friendship Medal awarded by the Honorable President of Social Republic of Vietnam. KCP is also awarded with “National Quality Gold Award” for the year 2018.

KCP Phuyen Biomass Power Plant

Based on the above achievements and to achieve sustainability in business affairs, KCP with a long term investment policy will continue to invest in future projects: deploy the ethanol distillery project with a capacity of 60,000 liters/day, expansion of current biomass power plant to 60 MW and expansion of Dong Xuan sugar factory to 6,000 TCD.